Multi-Vendor Dashboard

Single-pane-of-glass view of your IT assets

The NorthSmart asset portal is a secure repository for all of our clients’ IT asset information including asset specific data, documentation, financial, contract and vendor related information. Our portal is an intrinsic component of all of our offerings and central to effective IT maintenance management.

Better Visibility

One dashboard to manage all of your IT asset information and submit, manage, and track service tickets.

Save Money

Spend less on IT maintenance with more efficient management strategies. Many of our clients have realized annual maintenance savings of as much as 70%.

Ongoing updates and alerts

Know when your hardware is approaching End of Life and End of Service Life. Get 30/60/90 day notifications of contract and warranty expirations.

Our Multi-Vendor Maintenance Services

We understand that different manufacturers and vendors have different service requirements — and we are well-equipped and ready to keep track of these for you. Our team is composed of IT hardware specialists who are knowledgeable in various systems, including IBM, Dell, Cisco, and HP. Regardless of how diverse your IT environment is, you can count on our team to seamlessly take care of all maintenance processes.

Our maintenance service offerings include:

  • Certifications from various manufacturers and vendors: Our engineers have the proper training and certifications to handle multiple types of brands, allowing us to handle all repair and maintenance procedures confidently.
  • OEM support: We provide excellent support on different OEM products, even for the most unknown and obscure brands.
  • Warranty fulfillment and maintenance for all brands: We take care of warranty fulfillment for any local and international manufacturer.

Our Supported Hardware

Our engineers have knowledge and skills to handle all kinds of hardware from various manufacturers, including the following:

  • Cisco
  • Brocade
  • NetApp
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi
  • Juniper
  • Sun-Oracle
  • IBM
  • HPE
  • EMC
  • Dell

These are just some of the hardware that our IT specialists handle. We constantly update our knowledge pool with the latest hardware to stay updated with all the equipment that’s in the market today.

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Server Maintenance

Outsourcing your server maintenance processes brings many operational and cost benefits to your company. Some of the most significant advantages to third-party multi-vendor server maintenance that our clients highlight include:

  • Having a single point of contact for all IT assets: reducing your contact to just one service provider simplifies the checks and maintenance process. It shortens the amount of time and energy you spend on monitoring different equipment.
  • Reliable and qualified engineers: having a dedicated IT specialist to handle your account streamlines communication and ensures job quality and accountability.
  • Cost savings: taking your maintenance processes to a third-party provider drastically reduces your spending instead of having multiple service providers for different brands.
  • Extended asset life cycle: keeping your IT assets maintained regularly enables you to spot potential issues before they happen so you can apply the necessary fixes and make your equipment last longer.

Why Choose Us?

NorthSmart is a one-stop destination for all your IT servicing requirements. We offer reliable, professional, and manufacturer-certified maintenance services on all your IT assets, regardless of the brand and model. Our engineers are equipped with the tools and skills to address your equipment requirements efficiently and seamlessly, reducing the need for multiple points of contact. We also offer remote assistance and can troubleshoot issues online and over the phone, to save you from spending for on-site visits.


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