IT Maintenance Program Audit

Get a comprehensive view of your IT assets

Identifying and auditing your IT Contracts and Assets is a good first step to a streamlined and cost-effective IT maintenance program. With a comprehensive view of all of the hardware and software assets in your IT environment, you can make better and more accurate decisions about your maintenance strategy.


A comprehensive view of all of your IT assets.

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Don't overspend, deploy the right combination of OEM and third-party maintenance.

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Know each IT asset's lifecycle status.

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The NorthSmart Audit Process

We will first identify and inventory the End of Life and End of Service Life IT Assets taking special notice of those products no longer receiving IOS updates (for example Cisco) or firmware patches.

The initial contract audit will identify and validate assets and warranties and other asset related data, all of which will be uploaded to the NorthSmart Multi-Vendor Dashboard.

After initial discovery we work with our clients to set a schedule for reoccurring discovery, audit, and validation to account for ad hoc device adds and changes and keep the inventory current. We will manage the ongoing audit and discovery activities and provide customized reports according to your pre-defined schedule to ensure timely validation of your maintenance contracts.


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