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Plymouth, MN – Northland Systems, a leading provider since 1997 of server, storage, and networking hardware from top manufactures like Cisco, HP, IBM, Sun, Dell, Juniper, NetApp, and EMC announced the launch of NorthSmart, a new division focusing on IT asset management as a Service. The NorthSmart service offerings will address three areas of IT Asset Management, Audit and Inventory, Compliance, and Ongoing Management.

According to Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Field Operations:

“The effective management of IT assets and service contracts is an important but often overlooked part of an efficient IT environment. It is commonly viewed as a non-urgent issue so it ends up at the bottom of operational priority lists which means most businesses have no accurate asset inventory, no formal asset classification system, no asset tracking tools or processes, a wide variety of deployed service contracts that track differently by vendor and no asset disposition processes. All of this causes unnecessary spending, slow issue resolution, and a greater risk of business disruption.  With NorthSmart we’ve combined robust processes with sophisticated tools to help businesses solve this problem and at the same time save up to 70% on maintenance.”

About NorthSmart

NorthSmart was formed in response to Northland Systems’ experience with hundreds of companies through which they recognized the significant challenges their customers face with their IT Asset management resources, processes, and tools. The NorthSmart service offerings were designed to address the most common challenges.

NorthSmart is headquartered in Plymouth, MN.


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