How Much Does Third-party Maintenance Cost?

Most businesses use third-party service providers for the maintenance of their networking devices. The reasons for using third-party providers can range from getting more personalized care to cost management for the business. In earnest, the decision to use third-party support instead of utilizing the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) has become easy for businesses.

The cost of third-party contracts can vary depending on how long the contract lasts or the type of service desired. Some persons may need a third-party support provider for a year, while others may want an extended contract. Also, different service levels for network equipment will involve different costs of maintenance. Regardless of either of these factors, using a third-party support provider will always incur less cost than using OEM support.

We offer public pricing because we are straightforward with all we do. We understand fully how discouraged one can feel when the fee for the maintenance contract is hidden online and you are made to contact customer service. To see our detailed third-party price list kindly click HERE. You will find our different coverage options and see how you can save money while getting a better solution for your networking equipment.

  • Advantages of Choosing Third-Party Maintenance Over OEMs

Third-party service providers offer better options than OEMs who are primarily interested in just selling network equipment. The advantages of choosing the former are numerous and apply to everyone irrespective of your business model. The reasons for choosing third-party maintenance over OEM among others include:

1. Flexibility

Original manufacturers may provide some post-warranty support for only their own equipment but the third-party maintenance provider can handle a wider brand of networking equipment from Cisco to Juniper and so on. In addition, maintenance agreements signed with a third party contain your preference for the basic support as well as any other additional charge for services.

2. Cost Management

Using 3rd party support offers you a profitable solution and standard coverage for your devices. The primary interest of your third-party vendor is to help you make the most with your hardware instead of discarding it and getting new ones. This is why annual support fees can be paid at once by clients to get both standard and additional coverages for their products all year long.

3. Extended Support

OEMs typically do not provide post-warranty support for their software or hardware. To continue using your product past this period, it is important to seek third-party support. TPM providers supply your networking equipment with the right servicing and extended security updates that will keep them viable.

4. Faster Response

When using third-party services for your product, you stand better chances of getting a faster incident response than with the OEMs. Fast response to incidences helps reduce downtime without obstructing your business strategy.

  • So How Much Does 3rd Party Maintenance Really Cost?

Appreciating the several factors that can affect the cost (both direct and indirect costs) of 3rd party maintenance helps to know what to expect. Thoroughly understanding and evaluating every detail of the maintenance services to be provided by the third party will benefit your business even more.

Oftentimes, choosing a third-party vendor with the cheapest rate is not the best cost-savings decision to take. It may sound like the best decision at first but not until you consider other inherent risks such as the quality of the technician, the time it takes to deliver, and possible hidden charges. For example, it may be more cost-effective to hire a third-party technician that charges $100 and gets the job done in 15 minutes without any breach of contract than to hire another who charges $50 but will get the job done in 2 days or has a reputation for breaching a contract. The indirect costs of hiring the latter can be enormous.

To avoid any dissatisfaction that may come from using OEMs for your 3rd party maintenance or trying out various 3rd party vendors, we are here to provide you with quality services that will reflect value for your money. Our rates can be downloaded HERE and it covers all our services from software maintenance to other third-party services.

  • Get Help with Affordable 3rd Party Maintenance Today

You’re welcome to send us a message to receive a quote about 3rd party maintenance today. You are guaranteed the right skilled resources to get the job done. We offer additional coverages for unbranded networking equipment, all of which are within reachable budgets. Call us today and take advantage of cordial third-party relationships.


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