Avaya Declares Bankruptcy. Who Can Support You?

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Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Field Operations


The Telecommunications company Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. As a result, many businesses with Avaya systems are now asking the question, “What does this mean for me?”.

Avaya first began its transition from a hardware to software and services business as a means to lessen their debt. However, the challenges the company faced as a result of the transition only increased their already accumulating debt and they were forced to declares bankruptcy.

Many businesses have already begun moving their maintenance, support, and managed services of their Avaya systems to other third-party providers. If your business is headed down the same path, here are some things to consider to protect yourself against any long-term ramifications of the Avaya bankruptcy.

How to Protect Yourself

If your business is currently relying on Avaya equipment and/or services, it’s time to have a serious conversation within your organization about resources, planning, and budgeting looking ahead at future replacement. During this time of planning and transitioning, bringing in industry experts could also be helpful.

Older Avaya systems approaching the end of life (EOL) will need replacement. Working with an industry partner who can expertly guide you down the path of a lifecycle analysis will uncover the best way to handle hardware, software, handsets, onsite spares, and self-maintenance devices approaching EOL.

If you’re part of a business that’s simply looking for answers in this time of transition, talking to third-party maintenance providers who are experts in delivering support and advice for businesses can give you actionable data for your Avaya infrastructure regarding Lifecycle status, maintenance, and support options. They can also help you develop a transition plan for all or part of your legacy Avaya systems.

The Support You Need

With Avaya’s shaky financial position today, it is important to proactively take the steps necessary to minimize your risk and save your business money.

Working with NorthSmartIT gives you rapid access to the top team of Avaya Tier 3 Engineers in the industry. You also get a dedicated Account Manager and a customer service team that knows you, knows your business, and proactively works with you to ensure that your systems are operating at peak efficiency and availability. This team serves as a true single point of contact. With NorthSmartIT behind you, your Avaya worries will be put at ease and you can continue operating with a support system that guarantees top level service.

If you have questions about what NorthSmartIT can do for your business or if you’re wondering how Avaya’s bankruptcy may affect you, please contact us any time.


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