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(EOSL), the post-warranty support and update also come to an end. This is the point third-party maintenance (TPM) becomes important. TPM providers offer a center support option to data centers all through the lifecycle of the networking equipment. In the data center, third-party providers offer low-cost alternatives to businesses by rendering support for servers, network equipment, and data storage.

This support offered by TPM providers is why it is possible to continue using your equipment after the EOL/EOSL dates without any decline in performance. The service offers various cost savings advantages while also providing the user with control over the lifecycle of your Netezza hardware.

To keep your data infrastructure running smoothly, maintenance for third-party applications on Netezza is a critical part. We take various steps to keep your Netezza system running properly. Some of them include:

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Netezza Support

We provide quality and timely TPM support for IBM Netezza products. The support helps to provide a secure environment for data storage and management. It can help protect data from unauthorized access and help ensure that data is automatically backed up and recovered in the event of a system failure. This avails our clients with an enhanced security solution for protecting critical assets, data, and applications.

The Netezza support we provide includes:

  • Driver and utility software for Netezza servers
  • Enabled backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Enabled security and compliance solutions

We offer flexible support levels that allow our customers to customize their experience according to their needs.

Netezza Management

We can holistically manage your Netezza products so that all third-party applications are updated to the latest versions with the latest security patches. We also ensure that all your data is adequately backed up using the appropriate backup software. This will help avoid potential security vulnerabilities and protect your data from attacks.

In managing your data, we offer comprehensive cloud-based data management, which can help your business transform its data management practices and significantly improve its data availability and performance. Our Netezza management services are delivered through a unique architectural framework that supports various deployment models and can be integrated with existing infrastructure and applications.

Some of the services include

  • Data warehouse and analytics
  • Data governance and management
  • Data archiving and recovery


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Netezza Health Monitoring

As you use your Netezza appliance, it becomes important to be more particular about monitoring its health and performance. This is recommended because it prevents data loss and other unexpected breakdowns. Interestingly, we provide our clients with special data management and analytics platform that helps monitor appliances. By leveraging these capabilities, we can help identify problems early and take action to prevent them from evolving into more complex problems.

Our team of expert engineers works around the clock to carry out customized health monitoring that can oversee multiple appliances at the same time. They come with a wealth of experience in the field and can provide you with the best possible service that will give you peace of mind. Our team is also experienced in carrying out repairs and upgrades, so you can be sure that your data is always safe and secure.

If you are interested in having your networking equipment working at its full capacity and with no security threat, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs with you and provide you with quality services that will give you value for your money.

Top 5 Advantages of Netezza Third-Party Maintenance

Third-party maintenance is becoming more popular across the tech industry, with over 71% of companies having one or more 3rd party contracts. There are various reasons for this shift in maintenance culture, the most obvious being cost savings benefits. However, below are the top 5 advantages of Netezza’s third-party maintenance

Third-party maintenance support for your Netezza appliances can save you up to 50 – 80% on your maintenance costs. This is because third-party providers can offer their services at a lower rate than the original equipment manufacturer. These services are provided without any compromise on quality and with customizable service-level agreements adapted to solve your unique needs.

Often major manufacturers of network hardware require you to frequently update your equipment by releasing end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-service life (EOSL) dates. However, your equipment may be serving you fine and does not require such an upgrade. Third-party support is then utilized at this point to get all essential maintenance services and upgrades post-warranty date.

Third-party technology delivers exceptional service and savings by allowing you to get customized support that meets your needs across all service levels. You get to pay for only the services delivered by third-party vendors instead of paying annual support fees backed by multiple contracts from OEMs. Some of the additional maintenance cost saved here can be deployed to other areas of your business where they are needed.

It is often difficult for a business to keep up with multiple contracts from various OEM vendors. Third-party contracts can let you incorporate these multiple maintenance contracts into one, thereby reducing cost and improving the efficiency of service delivery. A team of experienced field engineers can usually offer wholesome support across various network equipment, servers, and storage.

Netezza third-party maintenance services help increase uptime and improve security. By using TPM services, organizations can help protect data and ensure that sensitive information is not compromised. In addition, they also help in ensuring that systems are functioning properly and are able to withstand attacks. In the end, third-party support helps avoid costly downtime while providing fast response to events.

How Does Third-Party Maintenance Help You?

Third-party maintenance helps you by providing you with a long-term solution for your IT needs. By outsourcing part or all your IT needs to third-party vendors, you can concentrate on other important administration tasks such as sales and marketing. This option is suited for businesses that have a limited budget or need assistance with certain IT issues to enable their systems to run smoothly.

Supported Netezza Hardware

The table below lists IBM Netezza Mako (N3001-XXX) models that are due to come to the end of their support life with IBM in April 2023.

NorthSmart offers support for the Mako appliance today.
Model nameModel numberGA DateEnd of marketing dateEnd of support dateLink to IBM noticeNorthSmart Support Price
Mako 1/4 rackN3001-00217 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-002 quote
Mako-3N3001-00517 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-005 quote
Mako-6N3001-01017 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-010 quote
Mako-12N3001-02017 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-020 quote
Mako-24N3001-04017 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-040 quote
Mako-48N3001-08017 Aug 201410-Apr-201810-Apr-2023LINKN3001-080 quote

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