NorthSmartIT Server Maintenance

Do you have Servers approaching Warranty Expiration or about to go off of OEM Support?

Let us help you maximize the useful service life of your End of Life (EOL) or End of Service Life (EOSL) servers. EOL or EOSL doesn’t mean an automatic replacement, especially for equipment running legacy applications.

By adding a strategic mix of third-party server maintenance and support offerings to your existing OEM maintenance and support, our solutions cover everything from industry standard (x86) servers up to complex enterprise servers with onsite technical support, remote dial-in and onsite spares.

Take control of the timing of your hardware refresh!

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Extended Server Life

Your servers have a useful life long beyond what the OEM will support. Our third-party maintenance program lets your servers keep working for you.

Engineering Expertise

Certified engineers supporting the following OEMs: HPE, Dell, Cisco, NetApp, IBM, and more, with U.S. based technical assistance.

Parts stocking and sparing

Genuine OEM parts available at 600 forward stocking locations around the world. Onsite spares option available for your time critical SLAs.

Why Server Maintenance Matters

Server maintenance is the necessary process of ensuring that your systems are healthy and running seamlessly. We emphasize “necessary” because your server environment is critical to your business operations and its uptime requires around the clock monitoring.

Maintaining your server environment is crucial to the performance of your business. As servers run 24/7, they need to be regularly checked and monitored to prevent any downtimes and failures. The last thing you want to experience is your business shut down entirely because you overlooked a server maintenance routine. For most companies, unscheduled downtime is simply unacceptable.

Because of the increasing need to extend the useful life of servers, companies are making the smart choice to partner with a third-party maintainer. This offers significant cost savings while still receiving support by certified engineers and IT specialists that take care of all the back end and technical aspects of server upkeep.

What Is Third-Party Server Maintenance?

Third-party server maintenance (TPM) is the outsourced management of hardware support of your server environment. By delegating the task of server maintenance to a Third-party maintenance, companies can focus on the aspects of the business that drive revenue and growth. Third-party server maintenance providers take on the role of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deliver the same high-quality service and expertise, but with faster repair and replacement response times at a fraction of the cost.

A qualified third-party server maintenance provider will help you maximize the useful life of your hardware, so you do not have to invest in new equipment prematurely. Generally, OEMs offer three- to five-year warranties on their servers when purchased new and then offer an extended service contract when the initial warranty expires. However, when machines hit the five- to seven-year mark, most manufacturers end their support for these servers forcing customers to invest in their new hardware. Third-party maintenance companies do the opposite.

With a third-party maintenance provider, the objective is to help you take advantage of your existing equipment (including legacy applications) for as long as possible by maintaining your systems and replacing parts as required.

What Can You Expect in a Storage Maintenance Agreement?

A storage maintenance agreement with NorthSmartIT typically includes the following:

  • Rapid Response: Incident report to the first response from disk storage averages less than 15 min and is escalated at 60 mins.
  • Fast and Accurate Resource Deployment: We ensure that the right support team responds, so your incidents are quickly resolved.
  • Critical Situation Incident Management: Throughout the incident, our service delivery managers and executive management collaborate closely to ensure timely resolution.
  • Flexible Support Models: We provide flexible and fully customizable service levels to meet your specific requirements.
  • Access to 24/7 customer service and Level 4 tech support as well as automated call-home capability support.
  • Substantial savings of as much as 70% (compared to OEM)
  • On site part stocking if requested

Why Choose NorthSmartIT?

NorthSmartIT is committed to helping you maximize the useful life of your servers, well beyond what the OEM will support. Our third-party maintenance services ensure that your servers continue operating optimally. When hardware failures occur, we have an extensive stock of replacement parts from all leading technology companies to ensure quick replacement and turnaround times. We have genuine OEM spares on hand and ready to ship from 600 stocking locations worldwide.

When it comes to expertise, NorthSmartIT takes the lead as we are staffed by certified server engineers and tech specialists knowledgeable in all of the major the major OEMs, including IBM, HPE, Aruba, Oracle/SUN, and many more.

Take control of your servers and your business by partnering with us.

Some of the Manufacturers We Support


Cisco UCS Cisco UCS Unified Computing Systems – blades and rackmount servers


PowerEdge Gen 14 & below


M1000e Blades




ProLiant DL & ML Rack & Tower, BL Blade Systems Gen 10 & Below








zSeries z196 & Below

Power Systems (Formerly iSeries & pSeries)



xSeries All







Sun Fire


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