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Save Money With a Customized Network Maintenance Solution

Our analysis identifies the most effective combination of OEM and third-party maintenance based on your unique requirements and the OEM lifecycle status of your equipment. We will build a customized, flexible networking maintenance solution ensuring your network’s uptime meets or exceeds business requirements, while simultaneously saving you money.

Our Network Maintenance Solutions cover routing, switching, security and wireless hardware. We can provide support to extend the life of your network and get better return-on-investment.

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Improve service and flexibility by adding TPM to your data center strategy.
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Our Goal is Simple: Provide an IT Hardware Maintenance Solution that Delivers Exceptional Service and Savings

Be more strategic with your infrastructure using flexible maintenance solutions.

Maximize Uptime

Ensure your critical applications are always available to meet or exceed your business requirements. Reliable, high-quality networking hardware maintenance that meets your budget.



Our Multi-Vendor Dashboard automatically monitors the life-cycle status of your equipment, improving your ability to take full advantage of a hybrid support model and save up to 70% annually.


Agnostic Approach

That’s how we identify the right maintenance strategy for your requirements. By analyzing your OEM data and infrastructure roles we identify clear areas for cost savings.

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Flexible Support Levels For Your Needs

Embrace the power of global IT support. We utilize more than 2000 world class engineers. On-site spares available for all four coverage options.


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, NBD onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD parts

Post-warranty Third Party Network Support

Building an IT Network Maintenance Program That Perfectly Fits Your Operation is our goal.  As your base of installed hardware continues to grow and evolve, so do your network maintenance needs and data center tech requirements. We can create a protective maintenance strategy that works specifically for your needs. NorthSmart.IT’s third-party maintenance program provides plenty of customization options to ensure that your equipment stays functional and running at the most critical times.

While Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) typically recommend that you upgrade and update your network hardware every couple of years, most hardware types have a real average life span of as long as 11 years. The frequency of upgrades can turn out to be costly in the long run. What your system needs is a reliable and durable IT network Maintenance solution that works beyond the average and perhaps for as long as your hardware can go. We provide this solution and more.

If you are protected by a third-party maintenance provider (TPM), you can sleep better at night knowing that there are expert engineers who can address problems the moment they come up.

You can rest assured  that we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to fix issues when they happen. OEMs do provide similar support, but they are usually slower to respond and are far more expensive.

Why Should I Use Third Party Maintenance?

There are many advantages to using a third-party maintenance provider but  most companies tend to focus on the cost savings. With a TPM provider, you can cut your maintenance expenses by as much as 60% or 70% per year.  However, the operational efficiencies that are gained by working with a company like NorthSmart.IT are often more important. How many phone calls is your team making to the OEM to resolve each service ticket? Are the correct parts being delivered the first time? Are the SLAs being met? These are the things that NorthSmart gets right!

In addition, TPM companies also create customized solutions that are specific to you, and these can be modified later as your requirements evolve. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are also flexible when you’re working with TPMs. OEM providers usually ask clients to sign SLAs that are fixed over a period of time, and any changes that happen in between might come with an extra charge. NorthSmart.IT strives to be flexible, we will even refund monies if devices are removed from coverage before the service end date!

Finally, TPM providers offer a more personalized and dedicated support to customers, which means that issues are addressed faster (compared to working with OEMs). NorthSmart.IT understands that downtime and equipment bog-down concerns are critical to your business. We deploy help the moment it is reported.

Benefits of Working With Us

Our analysis identifies the most effective combination of OEM and third-party maintenance options based on your equipment requirements and life cycle. We then build a customized yet still flexible solution that ensures your uptime either meets or exceeds your needs while reducing expenses.

We fix equipment right, the first time! How many phone calls are you making as you chase down repairs? We create operational efficiencies that are often overlooked. When you open a service ticket with the OEM how many calls do you have to make? How long do you have to wait for a call back? Do the correct parts show up when promised? How many tries does it take to get the repair done properly?

Our average response time for a new service ticket opened through our portal is less than 10 minutes! You are immediately connected with an engineer, not a call center! You will not be asked if the device is plugged in, rather we will set to diagnosing the problem immediately.  Parts can be stocked on site or at a forward stocking location and if your techs want to handle the repair with backline support, we will accommodate those requests!

Our maintenance solutions offer 24/7 remote technical support from certified engineers, advanced hardware replacement, and access to our centralized support ticket management and online Multi-Vendor Dashboard. Our network maintenance solutions cover routing, switching, security, and wireless hardware systems. We understand that IT networks are not cheap. That said, we guarantee support that will extend your existing network’s life and reliability, so you get a better return on your investment.

Our network hardware maintenance plans are designed for multi-generational equipment, and we offer multi-year contracts with your initial rate locked in. Choosing to work with a NorthSmart.IT will not only lower your operating costs, you also get to set aside more of your funds to invest in your growth and other aspects of the business.

Want to learn more about our network hardware maintenance solutions and services? The NorthSmart.IT team provides the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to get the customized system support you require. Get in touch with us at 864-400-2005 or request a quote.

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