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World-Class Juniper Network Support and Maintenance

NorthSmart offers you customized support, maintenance and warranty services for all of your Juniper Network devices. We provide our customers with the ability to extend the life of their systems and support while still having access to expert level engineers taking care of their issues. We provide warranty and support services to both current and End Of Life (EOL) models.

NorthSmart is able to support our customers with tailored support solutions for your existing data center hardware, saving you up to 70% compared to manufacturer offerings. Let us extend the life of your hardware and make you a budget hero!

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Flexible Support Levels For Your Needs

Embrace the power of global IT support. We utilize more than 2000 world class engineers. On-site spares available for all four coverage options.


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, NBD onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD parts

What is Juniper Third-Party Network Maintenance

Juniper offers best-in-class, intuitive, and flexible IT network products that help drive organizations forward. At NorthSmart, many of our customers use and rely on Juniper equipment to power their IT networks, so we provide third-party maintenance support on all those hardware assets to extend their useful life. Third-party network maintenance providers help you maximize your network’s lifespan so that you can continue using them well after your manufacturer’s original warranty has expired.

Typically, a manufacturer warranty runs for three to five years. When your service level agreement ends, you will likely be asked to do any of these: pay extra to extend your warranty period, shell out more to upgrade your hardware, or invest in an entirely new system. But you don’t always have to go this route. Juniper IT products are built to last for a long time, and it is our job as third-party network maintenance provider to ensure that you optimize and maximize their useful life. This way, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your current system and, in effect, obtain a higher return on investment.

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Why Choose NorthSmart?

NorthSmart has certified and experience Juniper engineers on board to help you get the most out of your Juniper assets. Our technical specialists have decades of proven track records on their backs to handle any type and model of Juniper network system. By partnering with our team, you can expect issues to be resolved immediately and expertly, thus reducing downtime to low or zero. We understand how critical your processes are, so our team will ensure that you can continue operating with very minimal hiccups and adjustments.

NorthSmart can also handle more than your Juniper hardware, as we provide support for all major brands in the market. In this way, you can simply your maintenance work by having just one company handle everything, regardless of the OEM product line. This effectively translates to up to 70% of savings, compared to having different manufacturer-led maintenance contracts with different companies. At NorthSmart, we aim for operating efficiency and budget-friendliness at all times.

Our Supported Hardware

We provide support for many Juniper hardware assets, including the ones below. If you don’t find your Juniper tech on this list, let us know, and we’ll gladly get it done for you.

  • SRX Series
  • T, MX, M, PTX, and ACX Series
  • EX, WLAN, and QFX Series

As your base of installed hardware continues to expand and evolve, so do your network maintenance needs. Whether you have all Juniper assets or a mix of different brands, our multi-vendor and agnostic approach allows us to give you the best support you need to grow your business and achieve a higher return on investment.

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