IBM Server Maintenance

What is Hardware Server Maintenance

Third-party hardware server maintenance companies are outsourced providers of post-warranty support and maintenance of your IBM technology. When your original equipment manufacturer’s warranty is nearing its end or has expired, you have the option to hire a TPM to take care of your equipment and optimize its usage life. Typically, OEM warranties run from three to five years, sometimes longer. When such warranties end, OEM support will get in touch to either offer you a warranty extension or to invest in upgraded hardware.

You don’t really have to buy new hardware every time your warranty ends. IBM equipment are built to last for a long time, and it takes only a trusted third-party server maintenance provider that’s supported by certified IBM engineers to keep them going for much longer. TPMs assume the role of the OEM post-warranty by giving your system the same high-quality service, but with a faster response and more affordable rates. The goal of a third-party hardware server maintenance company is to help optimize your current equipment’s usage life for as long as possible, even if what you have are legacy hardware.

Why You Need IBM Server Maintenance

OEM warranties expire and warranty extensions can be expensive. More than that, manufacturers usually don’t offer extensions and, instead, convince you to invest in upgraded hardware. The thing is, there’s no real reason to spend for another set of equipment when your current ones are working fine. TPM’s that offer IBM server maintenance can help you extend the usage life of your technology by replacing only the parts that need to be switched out and conducting regular preventive maintenance checks.

What can you expect from a TPM IBM server maintenance provider?

There are many advantages to opting into third-party maintenance services, including:

Why Choose NorthSmart?

NorthSmart’s IBM hardware maintenance plans flex according to your needs and range from month-to-month to full yearly periods. Each program includes dedicated 24/7 support and monitoring. At NorthSmart, we are committed to help your maximize the life of your machines, so you can continue going about your business and focus on revenue-generating endeavors. Spend more time developing and seeking profit-generating ventures, instead of worrying about fixing hardware and pouring money into new equipment.

What makes NorthSmart’s Dell support stand out?

Benefits of TPM for IBM

IBM server systems are some of the most durable around, so you don’t really need to keep upgrading and changing your technology each time your OEM warranty lapses. With a third party server maintenance company, you can fully extended the usage life of your equipment so you can continue operating your business with zero adjustments and minimal downtime. When your business is growing, it doesn’t make sense to halt or slow down processes so your staff can adjust to new technology. TPM for IBM providers ensure that your team can go on operating as normally as possible.

Models We Support

Some of the IBM servers we support include:

Power Systems (formerly iSeries & pSeries)
xSeries All
zSeries z196 & below

NorthSmart also supports other server technology, such as those from Lenovo, Dell, Sun, Cisco, HPE/Compaq, and Fujitsu.

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