Fujitsu End of Service/Support Life (EOSL) List

End of Life (EOL)

When Fujitsu tells you that your hardware is EOL, it means that they are about to release a newer generation. Once the new version is released, Fujitsu stops actively selling or marketing this particular piece of hardware. During the EOL phase, they may still offer maintenance options to cover your hardware beyond the set EOL date. However, the equipment’s firmware is stable by this time, so typically, there are very few, if any, updates.

End of Service Life (EOSL)

The final Fujitsu hardware lifecycle phase is called EOSL. When Fujitsu designates hardware EOSL, it means they are no longer selling the hardware, and they typically no longer provide maintenance support services. If there is any Fujitsu support for your hardware after this date, expect to pay a premium.

Third-party Support

Choosing a third-party provider for your maintenance services saves your business money by allowing you to extend the life of your Fujitsu equipment. At the same time, it provides the same or better benefits of Fujitsu hardware maintenance like fast support and expert advice, all at a lower cost.

What this means for you

Having a clear understanding of the difference between EOL and EOSL can not only extend the life of your Fujitsu hardware, it can also save you money. By the time Fujitsu hardware has reached EOL, the firmware is extremely stable, Fujitsu has more than likely stopped releasing new updates, and security patches remain generally available to the public, regardless of who’s providing the support services.


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