DELL Third Party Server Maintenance

What is DELL Third Party Server Maintenance

DELL third party server maintenance providers consist of DELL certified technicians and specialists who can help you maximize the useful life of your assets. TPMs are outsourced providers of technical and managed support and maintenance well after your OEMs warranty has expired.

Typically, manufacturers limited their warranties to three or five years, after which you will be asked to either purchase an extended warranty (which goes for a year to three more) or purchase an upgraded version of your current machines. The role of a DELL TPM provider is to keep your current assets functioning and reliable so that you can allocate your resources to other areas of the business that matter.

You don’t have to purchase new equipment each time your warranty expires. With the right support from a qualified third party maintenance provider, you can be assured that your DELL assets will continue to perform optimally and that there will be minimal to zero downtime throughout.

Our engineers are equipped with the licenses and tools that will keep your DELL assets working at peak performance, but with faster response times and more affordable pricing. The goal of a TPM company is to help you grow your business by providing a cost-effective and practical solution to maintaining your hard-earned equipment.

Why Choose NorthSmart

NorthSmart is one of the most trusted DELL service providers in United States. We have a solid track record of satisfied clients who have seen their DELL machines work at peak condition well after their warranties with the original equipment manufacturer have run out.

We provide a customized and flexible service plan that fits your operations, allowing you to maximize the useful life of all your DELL machines without the hefty price tag. We understand how important it is for businesses to continue operating with almost zero downtime. Our goal is to provide reliable support so that you can allocate your resources to growing and scaling your business.

By working with NorthSmart, you get the following benefits and more:

Our Supported Hardware

NorthSmart supports a wide range of DELL hardware, including (but not limited to):

If your DELL equipment is not mentioned on this list, get in touch with us and we will provide it for you. Contact us today for a free quote.


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