Cisco TPM Network Maintenance

What is Cisco Third-Party Maintenance

Third-party network maintenance can help organizations maximize the useful life of their hardware and infrastructure. It is different from manufacturer maintenance services, which have limited warranties of usually three to five years. When a manufacturer warranty expires, you are asked to either purchase an extended warranty period, upgrade your hardware, or buy a new system altogether.

Third-party maintenance helps you do more with so much less by allowing you to optimize your existing hardware well beyond its manufacturer’s warranty. This means that there’s no need to invest in new Cisco hardware and that there’s no hassle of transitioning to a new system. You can keep the current hardware you have for as long as viable, and third-party maintenance engineers will see that you do maximize your equipment’s benefits. This way, you can reallocate your organization’s budget to actually growing the company, increasing your return on investment (ROI), and embarking on other revenue-generating projects.

Why Choose NorthSmartIT?

NorthSmartIT does not only have expert network engineers on board, we are also ready to provide the support you need 24/7 for your Cisco system. Our services include advanced hardware repair, hardware replacement, and seamless access to our multi-vendor online dashboard, where you can find a centralized support ticket management system. Our certified engineers have the skills and experience in all aspects of Cisco network installation, repair, and maintenance, covering switching, routing, wireless, and security equipment. Our goal is to provide the support you need to extend your network’s useful life and enable you to achieve a higher ROI.

We understand that every network’s needs are unique, and our analysis will pinpoint the most cost-efficient and effective combination of manufacturer-based and third-party maintenance support that will help you succeed. After evaluating your current Cisco system, our expert team will create a flexible and customized network maintenance solution that will help exceed your business needs and bring significant cost savings. You can save as much as 70% per year with a reliable and trusted third-party network maintenance provider as NorthSmartIT.

We adopt an agnostic approach to developing your customized network maintenance plan. This allows you to use your existing hardware without worrying if having different models from different eras are in your network. We value the term “critical” and understand what it means for your business. NorthSmartIT ensures that all your critical applications perform beyond expectations and are always ready to work without going over budget. Simply talk to our team about your Cisco network maintenance needs, and we’ll ensure that you get the maximum value for your investment.

Our Supported Hardware

When we build a network maintenance program for your Cisco system, we ensure that everything fits into your operations to minimize downtime and unnecessary time spent on adjustment. We can build a protective maintenance plan that will work according to your requirements, while ensuring that, during the transition, all your hardware remains running and functioning.  We support several Cisco networks, including:

If you don’t see your Cisco network in this list, let us know.

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