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World-Class Cisco Storage Support and Maintenance

NorthSmart offers you customized support, maintenance and warranty services for all of your Cisco Storage devices. We provide our customers with the ability to extend the life of their systems and support while still having access to expert level engineers taking care of their issues. We provide warranty and support services to both current and End Of Life (EOL) models.

NorthSmart is able to support our customers with tailored support solutions for your existing data center hardware, saving you up to 70% compared to manufacturer offerings. Let us extend the life of your hardware and make you a budget hero!

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Flexible Support Levels For Your Needs

Embrace the power of global IT support. We utilize more than 2000 world class engineers. On-site spares available for all four coverage options.


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, NBD onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD parts

What is Third Party Cisco STORAGE Maintenance

Cisco storage third-party maintenance is an option for hardware support and service offered through a company separate from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These third-party maintenance providers have engineers who are typically trained on many types of devices — in this case, CISCO — with even more certifications to offer your needs no matter what they might be. Beyond hardware maintenance, they can also provide assistance when it comes to repairs at home!

Cisco Third-Party maintenance is a solution that goes beyond the brand’s basic warranty coverage for network equipment and related hardware assets.

Our Cisco UCS third-party maintenance service covers a wide scope of hardware support options, including third-party support for your hardware delivered via phone or online, repair or replacement for your server systems and network storage equipment.

Our engineers also provide onsite engineering assistance with remote monitoring capabilities if needed too! All these options allow you to customize what kind of service best suits your business needs. We are trained to handle different hardware types, including legacy infrastructure, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your hardware support provider is the most reliable in the industry. 

In addition, you might be surprised to know that most networking hardware will reach an end-of-life situation (EOSL), and the manufacturer won’t provide any more services. The costs for maintenance can quickly add up and will hurt your bottom line if you’re on a budget. Plus, maintenance contracts with brand manufacturers can get pricey (and short-lived). 

Unfortunately, every piece of equipment ages and eventually gets there. It’s just one way of brands discouraging people from upgrading too often — making older models much less desirable financially or practically than newer versions. Shortened equipment longevity is how brands can make more sales. 

That hurts from a customer perspective. This is why many turn to Cisco third-party maintenance service providers — to get the entire useful life of their hardware without worrying about spending so much more. 

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Why Choose NorthSmart?

As an experienced TPM provider with many years of Cisco hardware expertise, we can help clients solve problems and become a trusted resource that will reassure them. We understand the importance of fast resolutions with comprehensive solutions, which is why our customer service agents are always friendly to you on any call!

We don’t beat around the bush; we’re all for finding the best solutions for your Cisco technology infrastructure. Our engineers are all Cisco-certified and have years of experience behind them to confidently tackle any issue you might need with your current equipment. We guarantee accurate resource management and efficient equipment performance that lasts. 

We also get that you are operating on a limited budget and are looking for substantial savings. We will do our best to meet all your needs with reasonable maintenance costs and fast response times so that your business can continue to operate again – and without any more hitches. 

NorthSmart is the most trusted and professional Cisco third-party maintenance service provider in Toronto — and our solid track record reflects just how reliable we are. 

Our Supported Hardware

We know how important it is to keep your network running smoothly. That’s why we offer maintenance solutions that are customized just for you — with a much less costly hardware maintenance plan and super speedy service response times! Our dedicated support team will make sure that there are no hardware delays or hardware breakdowns during any transition period and that all your Cisco hardware remains operational and functioning — no downtime spared.

  • Catalyst
  • Nexus
  • ASA, ESA, and WSA
  • ISR and ASR
  • Wireless LAN

If you don’t see your Cisco network in this list or have the legacy infrastructure, let us know.

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