Asset Secure Disposition

Making IT More Secure

Our IT Asset Disposition is a complete, single source solution. We specialize in environmentally responsible recycling and reuse of retired IT equipment. Our strict chain-of-custody ensures the security required to manage risk and our industry expertise provides maximum fair market value payout.

Environmentally Conscious

We specialize in environmentally responsible recycling and reuse


Strict chain-of-custody mitigates security risks


A single source for all of your disposition requirements

Why choose NorthSmart for your IT asset disposition?

We can manage all IT asset disposition (ITAD) requirements including logistics, de-installation and removal, packing, receiving, processing, data erasure and destruction, aftermarket services and responsible recycling.

Data Erasure and Destruction

Onsite and offsite degaussing, erasure and physical shredding services coupled with an industry-leading chain-of-custody process mitigate the risks of a data security breach.

De-Installation and Asset Removal

Onsite service technicians perform hardware de-installations and onsite serialized audit in the office and the data center. Our experienced technicians de-install over 50,000 servers annually.


Most pickups in the US are completed with our employees and exclusive-use trucks. Onsite services include packaging and palletizing assets to prepare them for shipment.

Asset Processing

At our processing center, each asset is audited and tracked throughout the disposition process.

Refurbishment and Repair

For maximum value recovery, we refurbish systems for reuse, including repairs or upgrades when cost effective.


Clients can repurpose their equipment for use elsewhere in the organization. We will sanitize the data, repair and refurbish the assets as needed, and redeploy them with on-demand order fulfillment.

Technology Trade-in Program

An advanced asset intelligence system and comprehensive network of sales channels enables us to identify assets with resale potential and provide maximum recovery value through resale.

Responsible Recycling

As a certified e-Stewards Electronics recycler, we adhere to stringent recycling requirements of electronic waste and ensure we are compliant with local, state and federal regulations.


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