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Our Goal is Simple: Provide an IT Hardware Maintenance Solution that Delivers Exceptional Service and Savings

Reliable Third Party Support
Certified Pre-owned Hardware
World-class Professional Services
Save up to 70% annually

Multivendor support for your production, disaster/recovery and development equipment


Support Your Data Center With Expert Level Third Party Maintenance

Switching to a trusted third-party maintenance (TPM) provider gives you the confidence and peace of mind that cannot be achieved from a stringent OEM service agreement. Some TPM advantages include:

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First-trip repair
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Onsite response
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Average engineer callback

Compare OEM and NorthSmart Maintenance

Improve service and flexibility by adding TPM to your data center strategy.
Type of data center support
Maintenance coverage
Replacement parts
Hardware monitoring
Agreement flexibility

Our Goal is Simple: Provide an IT Hardware Maintenance Solution that Delivers Exceptional Service and Savings

Be more strategic with your infrastructure using flexible maintenance solutions.

Our People

Since 1997 we’ve been passionate about doing what’s best for our clients, working with only the top certified technicians in your market.


Our Process

Executive oversight on every service ticket, from beginning to end. Direct dispatch to field service and L3 engineers delivers industry leading response times.


Our Technology

Our cloud-based Multi-Vendor Dashboard provides centralized management of assets, contracts, and service tickets.

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Why Choose NorthSmart?

NorthSmart’s offerings are designed with the specific goal of improving IT and business outcomes. You can reduce maintenance spending on IT assets by maximizing their potential life cycle and save up to 70% annually on service contracts. You also get efficient resolution of issues through our centralized ticket management portal. We focus on maximizing uptime through onsite sparing, providing direct and easy access to technicians and customizable service level agreements (SLAs).


We are passionate about delivering a seamless service experience.


We approach each client engagement as a long-term partnership, not just a transaction.


Exceptional service since 1997. We're here to stay.


Save up to 70% annually on your maintenance contracts.

Flexible Support Levels For Your Needs

Embrace the power of global IT support. We utilize more than 2000 world class engineers. On-site spares available for all four coverage options.


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts


24/7 coverage includes help
desk, NBD onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD coverage includes help
desk, onsite, call-home
monitoring, and parts



NBD parts

Our Services

Server Maintenance

Do you have servers approaching warranty expiration or about to go off OEM Support?

Let us help you maximize the useful service life of your End of Life (EOL) or End of Service Life (EOSL) servers. EOL or EOSL doesn’t mean an automatic replacement, especially for equipment running legacy applications.

TPM solutions cover everything from industry standard (x86) servers up to complex enterprise servers with onsite technical support, call-home features, and onsite spares.

Network Hardware Maintenance

Save Money with a Customized Network Maintenance Solution.

Our analysis identifies the most effective combination of OEM and third-party maintenance based on your unique requirements and your equipment’s OEM lifecycle status. We will build a customized, flexible networking maintenance solution to ensure your network’s uptime meets or exceeds business requirements while simultaneously saving you money. We understand that newer equipment may need to be maintained by the OEM.

We will help you determine which assets should remain with the OEM versus moving to a third-party maintenance (TPM) contract.

Storage Maintenance

Our third-party maintenance and support offerings for storage arrays deliver consistent, predictable results.

NorthSmart will meet your business needs by providing flexible hardware maintenance plans that cover major OEM hardware storage platforms with an extensive break/fix solution to give you greater efficiency and uptime.

Simplify your IT hardware maintenance program

NorthSmart works with you to develop a custom maintenance solution by determining which IT assets in your environment are End of Life, End of Service Life or generally available.

Flexible Contract Terms

Our approach gives you lower OpEx along with fewer contract constraints, elimination of your daily support headaches and delivers response times that meet or exceed the requirements of your business.

Maximize your IT asset lifecycle
Take control of the terms of your hardware refresh.
Save Money!

Many of our clients have realized annual maintenance savings of up to 70%.

NorthSmart maintenance offerings are designed with the specific goal of improving IT and business outcomes:

Reduce spending on IT

Assets by maximizing their useful lifecycle and save up to 70% annually on service contracts through the NorthSmart support strategy.

Resolve issues quickly

and effectively with NorthSmart’s centralized ticket management and resolution process.

Maximize uptime

through on-site sparing, quick access to technicians and customizable SLAs.

Third Party Maintenance FAQs

Most IT professionals are familiar with server, storage, and networking support contracts provided by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), whether that be IBM, HPE, Dell/EMC, NetApp, Cisco, or any other major manufacturer. When purchasing IT hardware, customers are typically offered the a 1-3 year warranty with an optional maintenance contract. Given the financial investment that IT hardware represents, most IT managers will sign up for this service automatically and may renew it several times over the years until end-of-support-life (EOSL) is declared.

Third-party maintenance (TPM) is an alternative to OEM-based support. It is delivered by other, non-OEM companies such as NorthSmart. At NorthSmart, our third-party support offerings are equivalent to or better than that of the OEM in terms of SLAs and inclusions. We add features and services to our offering including onsite parts spares, parts retention, and flexible service level agreements (SLA) to name a few.


Third-party maintenance (TPM) brings competition to the support market which traditionally has been monopolized by OEMs. By offering greater choices, TPM is helping to drive innovation in IT support, with lower costs, extend the lifecycle of your IT assets, enabling our customers to break free of the OEM stranglehold on support and upgrade timeframe. TPM is fast becoming the solution of choice by many IT professionals to control Capital Expenditure and Operating expenses spending, maximize operational efficiency while exceeding our customers’ expectations.

There are many differences between OEM and TPM support with cost often being the most apparent. The combination of cost savings along with greater operational efficiencies gained by working with TPMs result in quicker service ticket resolution and greater flexibility in IT spend.  Getting IT equipment repaired quickly and efficiently will maximize uptime throughout your organization. Utilizing NorthSmart capabilities of servicing the equipment of multiple OEMs will decrease time to resolution and eliminate finger pointing between manufacturers. Additionally, NorthSmart’s online portal allows customers to track hardware assets and repair tickets without the need to log into multiple platforms or maintain multiple spreadsheets.


A little-known fact regarding OEM IT hardware maintenance: The OEMs rarely use W2 employees to perform service work.  In fact, OEM contracts specify that subcontractors are utilized.  With a network of over 10,000 highly trained technicians, NorthSmart uses only technicians with the exact skill set needed for the type of equipment we are contracted to support. 

Some of the key differences between OEM and third-party maintenance (TPM) include:







CostVery high:
OEMs typically favor the sale of new hardware over a maintenance agreement. In fact, most OEMs are getting out of providing maintenance directly 
Significantly (50%+) lower:
Our goal is to provide custom solutions that strive to keep your equipment healthy after the warranty
CoverageCovers only one brand: high risk of extended downtime due to unnecessary escalation levels and inflexible ticketing systems

Offers multiple brand options for your entire data center: Our support engineers provide exceptional service and custom solutions


AdministrationNot flexible; only “one way” to get things doneFully customizable to your needs

TPM helps your company in many ways. Aside from the substantial cost savings, we provide you with the services you need, depending on your requirements. Here is a rundown of some of the benefits that TPM brings to the table: Goal-specific services: OEM service agreements can be pretty black and white, almost to the point of being inflexible. Much of what is contained in an OEM services contract is unnecessary, and often unusable. A TPM contract gets you direct access to IT support whenever you need it and addresses any specific hardware maintenance issues you may encounter. Retaining total control of your systems: With TPM, there is no need to worry about your maintenance provider removing sensitive information from your site. Disk retention is included at no additional charge. As your TPM provider, we will work with your existing IT specialists to ensure a better experience than that with the OEM. Extended lifespan for hardware: TPM provides maintenance services 5-7 years beyond that of the OEM, often even longer. Once the end of service life (EOSL) date is reached, the OEM will no longer support that equipment in an attempt to force you to refresh. A service contract with a TPM allows you to be in control of your data center and how you spend your IT budget. Faster return on investment (ROI): With TPM, you reduce your IT spend and channel maintenance savings toward other priorities rather than spending it on costly OEM maintenance support. This way, your company can hit its revenue goals faster and more efficiently.


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